If you approach Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) properly, you can achieve a level of comfort that keeps shareholders and regulators happy while also enabling you to sleep soundly at night. With Software AG’s ERM solution, built on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, your organization can take a systematic and comprehensive approach to ERM. You gain the tools to quantify and identify acceptable levels of risk, monitor risk events in real time and manage the underlying processes that can mitigate risk. FIRISKLAB ERM solution, provides top-rated services alongside an Enterprise Risk Management software platform to help organizations easily uncover risk across silos, prioritize concerns and allocate resources accordingly. With this solution, all of your risk, control, compliance, assessment, and resource information can be managed in one place, making connections and links explicit. This will allow you to automatically uncover upstream and downstream dependencies, redundant or overlapping activities and make room for more informed decisions. Gain a better understanding of the impact each risk or activity has within the organization and save time, energy and money in the process. With our risk-based approach, powerful software and top-rated customer support, FIRISKLAB ERM has the expertise and tools needed to ensure your organization achieves risk and governance success.