At the FiRiskLab, we empower our customers with a platform for growth—combining innovation, leading edge technologies and a rich history of banking IT knowledge. From Ajax Web 2.0 technology for a rich user interface to an agile Web services architecture for banking in the cloud for mobile device support, our mission is to keep current with the latest technology advantages in order to incorporate those benefits into your product platform. The open, standards-based architecture is adaptable and extensible, enabling you to integrate best-of-breed products into the architecture and empowering you with a solution that will grow with your business and IT needs. Our solution foundation is based on software that enables scalability, reliability, high performance and security. We deliver a fully integrated, end-to-end system that can be utilized across the entire bank – eliminating data redundancy and easing the meeting of compliance requirements. You gain a single solution across your bank, across your branches and across countries. Expansion becomes easy. Our innovative design enables it to be quickly rolled out to new banks and branches within only 6 months. The single product can support all locations and adapt to new countries without modifying the code. At the FiRiskLab, we believe in flexibility and efficiency for our customers. Cloud-based solutions enable that with the ability to gain on-demand services from anywhere in the world. You gain a powerful banking solution with a cost-effective licensing model and no infrastructure burden.